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The Quadshot from Transition Robotics, Inc. is a flying wing that can be flown as a quadcopter or an airplane (flying wing). 

Transition Robotics offers several versions of kit setups of the Quadshot; The Mocha, The Latte, The Cappuccino, The Expresso, and The Kopi Luwak. 

The kit that we're reviewing is The Mocha, and the brains of this EPO foam flyer is called the Lisa/M v2.0 autopilot board which is compatible with Paparazzi UAV project software. Lisa/M is built around the 72MHz 64-pin STM32F105RCT6 processor, which features 64k of RAM and 256k of FLASH. 

Be sure to check out the Quadshot website for more details!

Navigation and communication LEDs are setup throughout the Quadshot. The motors are secured with a pin release system.

The fins on the Quadshot snap into position and offer a 'breaking' point in the case of a crash landing, allowing the fin to snap out instead of breaking the foam wing.

We realized immediately that this multitrotor needs space. Flying indoors is not recommended with the Quadshot. 

We were able to hover it and transition into forward flight indoors but it was a challenge to say the least. This quadcopter/airplane does the best outdoors on calm day. Wind tends to blow the wing all over the place.

Transitioning between flight styles is easy to do with the flip of a switch on the radio.

Don't touch the rutter and take some time to practice flying the Quadshot and you will begin to see how fun and unique this aircraft is to fly!

The rutter turns that the Quadshot does is one of the most fun features of this flying wing. After some practice we were able to easily perform loops, flips, extreme rutter turns and more. 

We want to thank Transition Robotics, Inc. for sending us this Quadshot (Mocha) to review! Check out Transition Robotics website for more info on the Quadshot and see other projects that they are involved in!

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