H-Quad Scratch Build by FliteTest

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Posted: July 11, 2012  |  49,366 views

Have you watched the H-Quad Review? Well, in this episode we break down the H-Quad, from start to finish. This frame is not only a very stable platform, but it also is extremely versatile. 

Building your own multicopter is a great way to learn more about multi-rotors, RC planes, and their components! 



H QUAD.pdf

H QUAD metric.pdf


Watch the H-Quad Review:


Watch our Quad Programming video

Watch our Quad Setup video


Build your own Cloverleaf






















































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Quadtro September 30, 2012
This one i`m going to build, thak you guys :))
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CanadianAirrRc September 9, 2012
Hi everyone
I have just finished my quad and I am now trying to program it. When I turn my yaw pot to 0 and wait for the double beep I turn the stick to 0 like your supposed to. Then I can control the motors, but only throttle....no directional control or gyro effect on the motors when you tip it. Then after returning the Y pot to 50 I have no control over anything and the gyros still will not change the motor speed. I need so much help! Such a noob!
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Johannes67 July 11, 2012
Quick, but still GOOD!
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gabriel January 2, 2013
whats the motor layout for h-quad config?
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bmsweb July 11, 2012
I can see millions of these in the sky very soon!!! NICE
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ox141jf December 7, 2012
I need some help, the board is setup and the esc's are calibrated
if i throttle up the motors whilst in calibration they all start together.

However when i arm the board and throttle up the front left motor will start when i am at 70% throttle whereas the others start at 15%

BUT if i switch the data plug with any of the other motors then they will run slow but the original will not leading me to think its something to do with the board.

Yaw is 50% Pich is 0% roll is 50%

Software is the xcopter v4.7 kk by kapteinkuk
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biggles July 22, 2012
Ive just completed my h quad and just thought I would let people know about a couple of things to watch out for. I bought the hobby king v2.1 control board and the pots seem to work the other way round compared to joshes video about set up and from what I can gather from other sources it seems to be pot luck as to which way round yours will work.
Also the yaw gyro control was reversed so Ive had to change that round, this fella explains how to do that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6m49Cw3OFU
but apart from that it works real well, just got to get it all dialed in then I will post a vid
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pyc789 July 15, 2012
I'm thing I'm going to build one maby
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Eric Deagle July 11, 2012
Thanks for the build video and the plans!! I guess I might as well bight the bullet and start building!

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jman169 July 26, 2012
Which USBASP AVR driver files do I use with Windows XP?
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bear3103 July 17, 2012
Dam it boy,,,now I have another thing to build. Just finished the nutball NOW you have this and I love all things quad so look like hobbyking are getting this weeks paycheck. :-)
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jeremy July 30, 2012
one? When you hook the escs up to the kk board do you take out any of the red wires to only use one of the becs on them. thanks in advance
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liveyourdreamsRC November 19, 2012
Can you guys use more of this somehow and also I really like FPV and Multirotors so could you make another one like this maybe?
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enivid July 22, 2012
When I build my tri the popular plush ESCs were also BK at hobbyking. I decided to buy the cheaper tower pro MAG8 ESCs instead. I'm quite happy with them.
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bseal July 27, 2012
Anyone who's built this know the amp draw, what kind of range? I'm sure your not pulling on the high end of 13 amps per motor with the 11x.4.7 unless your gunning it the hold time...

Just trying to get an idea of flight times...
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Halford July 13, 2012
Quick question, why do you use 30A esc if the DT750 draws 18A with 11x4.7 props?
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rootcanalguy July 27, 2012
multi-rotors like helicopters in general do not cover much ground (low ventilation), this model is encased ESC (low ventilation), on a warm day or hover or in the garage, you can really heat up your ESC; so go on and use the suggested one (30amp) which should cover you until winter arrives or you become an expert and fly fast all the time...
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JohnnyBra July 30, 2012
Left a pretty important piece off your parts list.. The JR male-male Servo wires that allow you to plug the KK board to the receiver.

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dege13 July 11, 2012
We use metric and I am not across the pond... I am in Canada :)
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alaorjr July 12, 2012
Did you use which firmware ? can you give more specific information? I mean like the firmware name and version number.
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Winging It R/C July 11, 2012
When are you guys going to stop building helecopters and start doing airplanes again? (I am not a big fan of helecopters)
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colorex July 11, 2012
They have done more than a year of just planes! Time to be fair :)
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Ak Flyer August 8, 2012
...but why alienate any one group by focusing solely on multirotors. They are a niche but many more people still fly planes. I've been losing interest because they aren't showing the variety they used to. They used to do planes, helicopters, multirotors, flying wings, turkeys, never knew what was coming. Now when I tune in I pretty much know it's going to be something about FPV and it's getting boring. Do a multirotor, then a plane and keep it fresh so that no one group is left out. That's what got them here.
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Ak Flyer August 8, 2012
Let me amend that slightly, the twin twirl was pretty awesome. I might never build one but it's new and different and cool, old school flitetest style and I loved it.

Also, not saying that I don't like some of the FPV but incorporate it into different stuff. FPV on twin twirl. FPV on a helicopter (not multirotor, an old school single rotor helicopter).
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colorex August 8, 2012
You have a point, but it's a bit hard to get new stuff twice a week. It's easier using something a couple of times instead of going all new.

But I do miss something crazy like the flying cow, breaking glass challenge, or the tasers.
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Ak Flyer August 8, 2012
I understand that but they also tape five or six episodes in a day, it's not like a live show. I would just like to see them mix it up a bit. How about a giant scale twin twirl. Huge like the brixler or something. You could put all kinds of fpv on that thing. And a bomb drop, even do a challenge where you do a bomb drop challenge while flying fpv. In fact I would be much more into the FPV if they did more than sight see with it. They love challenges and so do the viewers. How about making FPV challenges. You could even revisit old ones. FPV balloon pop. FPV trampoline landing. FPV flying under the trampoline. Timed laps where they take off FPV, do a figure eight in between the trees in the yard and then land, all while FPV. I would be very interested in that. Watching people's FPV videos flying around their yard is like looking out the window of an airplane.
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colorex August 8, 2012
They still haven't done the FPV combat everyone wants to see... except for that big plane that David W took on :D
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sailorJohn December 28, 2013
That could get expensive.
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FliteTest August 8, 2012
How about a flying toaster ;)
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colorex August 8, 2012
Only if it makes toast.
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Winging It R/C July 11, 2012
Sorry Helicopters just bug me kind of like annoying gnats at the flying field
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colorex July 11, 2012
Each to his own preferences. I like multirotors and planes. Helicopters are outside my style.
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mxclouti January 3, 2013
Some pics of mine:
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Flash1940 July 19, 2012
I have decided to try this.....I will be classified as a certified NOOB ! If you guys will tolerate me....I think I can do it. OK....here's the first question....What about transmitter programming??? Do I use heli mode??? What about exponential should I use any???
Reason for these questions.....I see nothing addressing transmitter. My xmtr. is a JR 8103 with a DSM-2 module.

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Lemuel July 11, 2012
Love your work Josh. I don't have any quad copters. But this looks great. Nice work.

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Jake Wells July 21, 2012
Built one this week, it works so go and is so stable, it's a lot easier to fly. I'm ditching my F450 and making a bigger H copter this week to carry a larger camera. Thanks for this guys.
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Stone July 11, 2012
Any good online sources for the poplar sticks and light ply??
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cwozny July 11, 2012
Awesome build video JB. I'm glad to see the HobbyKing Red Brick ESCs getting some airtime as the Turnigy Plush's are always on backorder as you said. I wonder if it would be possible to modify the format of the show such that a new basic component is used each time. For example, trying some new motors aside from the DT750, ESCs, receivers, etc. I think this would help diversify our options for products to buy as the ones you review more frequently are always sold out (and that just shows that you're making a great show!)
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mxclouti February 17, 2013
How can I mount regular props on those DT750 motors ?
Can I make the shaft shorter by cutting it and use a 4mm prop adapter ?

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mxclouti March 3, 2013
Does someone know how to calibrate red bricks ESCs ? I'm using KK2 v1.5. I'm following the instructions, but it's not working. I didn't have that problem with plush 30.
Throttle up, tx on, button 1 and 4 on kk2, powering kk2, beep signal, throttle down, release buttons
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utkarsh March 4, 2013
can anyone help me in selecting the suitable transmitter for h quad...
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simba42 April 17, 2013
Whats a good replacement for the DT750 as they are always out of stock??
And what ESC to go with the suggestion.
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windfou April 27, 2013
sunnysky is the best motor and the bearing better quality also you can use ntm motors from hobbyking look for 1000kv for 3s or 800-980kv kv sunnysky
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gabriel January 1, 2013
is it plus or X configuration when your building an H-QUAD?

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coombs May 14, 2013
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gabriel January 1, 2013
is it X or plus configuration when ur building an H- QUAD?

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coombs May 14, 2013
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stevenc May 21, 2013
I was wondering if it would be possible to use 1000kv motors on this frame.
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rcrich May 24, 2013
I need some help. I am using the reccomended motors and props, What are you guys using to attach them? Thanks Rich
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richardellis August 12, 2013
will my Turnigy 2200mah 3S 20C battery be okay with these DT750's?? I'm worried the C rating is too low
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janssene August 13, 2013
Stupid question from a noob:

The DT750 can draw up to 18amps according HK.
So for this quad it's 18x4=72 amps.

The suggested LIPO is a 2200mAh 3S 25C which can deliver a max of 2200*25=55 amps.

Doesn't cause this potential issues?
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sailorJohn December 28, 2013
OK. I finally broke down and decided to build a quad (old foogy). First step first step assemble parts----1/2 in popular not too easy to find, finally cut my own. Three months to get the kk2.1 controller. alternative commercial frames metal plastic would be almost unrepairable, but I have 3 just for patterns. ESC's -the more I read, the more I have doubts the digital esc's I have may not be proper. Looking at the kk2.1 I say what arrow. Plus can gps be added to kk2 board ,how about altitude hold--probably not . Maybe I'm just stupid but most of the information I find is from someone trying to sell me something which is usually not the best source.
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sleb January 3, 2014
Sailor, the kk2.1 can not have gps. Would have to go naza m lite for the least expensive that can go gps. As for esc's go with some that have the simon K firmware.
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TheRCNewbie April 17, 2014
Would these plans still work if I substituted the poplar spars with carbon fibre square tubes (HK), and the ply plates with woven CF? Would that be a strong frame?
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