Vortex 150 Mini Racing Quad

by FliteTest | February 15, 2017 | (3 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

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When we received the Vortex 150, we were stoked to get it up in the air. (See us open the box with anticipation on the vlog.)

This beauty has the benefits of a higher power quad, but has more maneuverability and is lighter weight, which gives it more durability. We are also impressed with the durability of the 3-inch propellers. As of the writing of this article, we’ve not broken one yet!

You can also tune the Vortex 150 as well as adjust its settings all through the onscreen display (OSD) interface, which is controlled by the transmitter (ex. 25mW to 200mW to max). A bonus is that you can download other pilots’ custom PID tunes to have a variety of flight experiences. The Vortex 150 OSD shows the battery power, amp draw and time in flight remaining.

Additional features include a beeper that assists you in finding this tiny quadcopter when you inevitably crash it, and a decent flight time even off a 3-cell battery (approximately 4-5 minutes).

Finally, one of our favorite features is horizon/angled mode. By centering the sticks, the Vortex 150 will automatically level itself. In this mode you are still able to perform flips, rolls and loops.

With all of these features, we believe that the Vortex 150 is not only a great starter mini racing quadcopter, but also one that can grow with a pilot as they advance.


Buy your own Vortex 150!

A special thanks to Aviator PPG for getting us use of the airport in the video!

What are some of your favorite features of the Vortex 150? Tell us in the comments section below!


Tgwolfwood1981 on February 15, 2017
Received mine from flitetest about a week ago (thanks guys!) this is my first quad of any kind and only my second fpv experience. First being a ft arrow (thanks again!). This little beast is truly amazing. Running it with some racekraft 3x3x4 props and flies so well. So far, for me, the best option for starting in this amazing hobby.
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MeganEasterday on February 16, 2017
This Comment Has Been Removed
FliteTest on February 16, 2017
So glad you're enjoying it! -Megan
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