Old Fogey in FMS simulator by p3pillo

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Posted: February 26, 2013  |  3,731 views

Old Fogey's FMS Model

Hi everyone, In this proyect  I created a Old Fogey's model to use at popular simulator FMS , I hope enjoy!

Download Model here

The model was made in Metasequoia software (http://metaseq.net/english/) in about 3 hours.


For run FMS in windows 7, you need put in your PC the d3drm.dll   download here 

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khensley February 26, 2013
Great! now make the delta, and the bloody wonder, and baby blinder..lol
No. Really make them!
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p3pillo February 26, 2013
I like your idea!, I don't sure to I make all them, but baby blinder sure!
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Good Kebo February 26, 2013
Cool! How do you get FMS to work with windows 7? Since my XP computers have been put out to pasture, I have had no FMS :( very sad time, I would love to fly the Fogey.
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p3pillo February 26, 2013
well, is easy following these steps:
1.- first you should download FMS and Install it,
2.- second download here the d3drm.dll file and put in the same directory of FMS
3.- If your PC doesn't have a serial port, you need add a key SERIALCOMM in windows register (regedit.exe) at path \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP
4.- Run FMS

for more information see this link http://modelsimulator.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4813

Good luck
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Adib Vahedi March 3, 2013
Looks great!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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KD9SR March 4, 2013
I downloaded the plane, but it wont fly. Only sits still on the runway but sounds like it is at full throttle. Any ideas?
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p3pillo March 7, 2013
Hi!, If you don't have a joystick connected, you should set "No interface" in "controls/analog control" menu and in "controls/keyboard" you can learn about how control the plane with keyboard.

Now, I updated the model with this change, download again, I hope you won't have any problem.
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majik53 March 19, 2013
Is there a way to import this model into RealFlight 6.5?
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majik53 March 19, 2013
like, can you export it as a .kex or 3ds file?
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p3pillo March 20, 2013
Hi!, well, I found information about it, first, It is possible make models to Real Flight 4.5, I don't know if these models work on RF 6.X

You will need convert the file .x to 3ds and follow some steps of this link


Good luck

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Balsa to Foam July 1, 2013
What version of fms are you using?
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p3pillo July 3, 2013
Hi!, I use FMS Version 2.0 Alpha 8.5

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SoarSyd July 7, 2013
Anybody converted this model for Clearview ?

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Mostly Harmless July 17, 2014
Just loaded up FMS and downloaded the Old Fogey model (Thanks!). Haven't yet gotten into my junk box for the cable, so was trying to fly it using the keyboard. It seems to have ailerons, vs. the rudder-only turning on the real thing. Is that just an oddity of trying to fly from the keyboard, or does the sim model actually have ailerons? Thanks, again!
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