Landing and Flaring by FliteTest

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Posted: February 23, 2013  |  8,101 views

Do you have trouble landing your plane? Flaring is an essential component to landing your plane safely. Once you implement a good flare into your landing you'll enjoy your flying experience so much more!

In this episode Josh Bixler gives a basic overview this technique, the he gives Josh Scott a try.

This episode answers one of the most basic questions in this hobby: How do I land my plane?

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RCmaniac February 23, 2013
Nice video, it really helped me!
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zev February 23, 2013
This Comment Has Been Removed
casehatter February 23, 2013
Even us ole timers can use a little reminding bout things once in a while...
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zev February 23, 2013
wait, this is an old video isn't it… I thought I saw it before...
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TheRCNewbie February 23, 2013
Yeah, me too.
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mattplaneflyer February 23, 2013
Me three :)
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dadi3 February 24, 2013
It haven't made to the new website. it is on a youtube for a long time
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FarmStormer February 24, 2013
Me 4
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Adib Vahedi February 24, 2013
Me 5! ;)

But thanks for the tips!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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