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It's not a transmitter and it's not a receiver, it's an open source remote control system!

Chad and Josh had a chance to talk to the creator of the OSRC and he shares more details about the project and the backstory of the Open Source Remote Control (OSRC).

The OSRC project was created by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko and his radio control system is comprised of many modules and additions. It can be as simple and affordable as a basic control system or a UAV ground station, based on what setup one chooses to have. 

Among the modules are the FPVC, which can be just additional buttons, FPV Receiver or a complete Linux based embedded device with GSM, GPS, Touch Screen and other additions. Some parts are simple micro controller based, others are 1GHz processor based with Linux functionality.

Futaba, HiTEC, Spektrum and other modules can be used on this Radio Control.  As long as the feed can receive PPM reception you can attach it to this system.

There are much more unique features to this radio control which are described in much greater detail at the OSRC websiteWe encourage you to check out the site and learn more about the progress of the OSRC project!

Demetris' next step to push the OSRC project forward is an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for building a custom SLA 3D printer which will be made available to contributors of the campaign but the project needs contributors to make it a reality!  Check it out HERE and see if it's something you'd want to help with.

A newer version of OSRC is currently being finalized. Demetris is building it through the 3D printer method and it should give lots of advantages in its operation with many materials and colors to choose from as well as shorten delivery times for the final product.

More details are available at the OSRC website and other links below:

OSRC Website


indiegogo Campaign - "SLA 3D Printer"

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