FT Bloody Wonder - Scratch Build by FliteTest

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Posted: November 1, 2012  |  136,044 views


The FT Bloody Wonder is available as a Speed Build Kit CLICK HERE to find out more! 

This Flite Test scratch build airplane was inspired by Bloody Mick's FUNBAT and the Sig Wonder.

The FT Bloody Wonder is the newest addition to the Flite Test Swappable Series!  (A series of scratch built planes designed with an interchangeable fuselage.)

Check out the full line of Speed Build Swappable Airplanes HERE! 

The FT Bloody Wonder features a swappable fuselage that is interchangeable with the other airplanes in the Swappable Series! 

This combat flyer is capable of vertical take off, it can fly off the 24gram motor setup on previous swappable fuselage or you can upgrade to the NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv / 250w motor

One of the unique designs of this scratch build is the rounded aileron wing design. Created the same way that the Baby Blender wings are made, the rounded ailerons provide great lift! 

In case you missed the review of this plane you can check it out here:

The FT Bloody Wonder is available as a Speed Build Kit CLICK HERE to find out more! 

FT Bloody Wonder Build Plans Available Here:
FT Bloody Wonder-Swappable - 1 of 2
FT Bloody Wonder-Swappable - 2 of 2

TIP for printing the plans: 
To print "tiled" use Adobe Reader X and in the print dialog select "POSTER", select "Cut Marks" and make sure "Tile Scale" is 100%. Then overlap and tape as required (after trimming the top overlapping edge). 
(Thanks youtuber larrybarrick for this suggestion!)

Detailed build video for the power pod (fuselage) available here:

Equipment used/recommended for this build:

ADAMS Foam Board
Turnigy TG9e 9g Servos
Push Rods: 1.4mm Piano Wire

Linkage Stopper "Speed Clevis"
NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv / 250w
TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controller
Turnigy 1300mAh 4S 20C Lipo Pack
Futaba T8FG Super 14ch Transmitter w/R6208SB 2.4GHz Receiver
Futaba R6106HFC 2.4GHz FASST Mid Range 6Ch Rx

Additional/Alternate components:

Suppo 2208/14 1450kv Brushless Motor (Park 370 equiv.)
APC-style Electric Propeller - 8x4E
Suppo 18A Brushless ESC
Suppo SP-90 9g Micro Servo

More photos available in the forum post! Click the "Join the Discussion" link below!

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Rally2 November 13, 2012
This has been the funnest plane I have ever had. Thanks so much for this one. The whole family loves it.
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Jrod33 January 24, 2013
awesome....great job guys thank you.
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TheRCNewbie December 20, 2012
Can anyone give me a rough total cost?
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Driveandairsmash October 12, 2013
IT costs about 120$
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kimchi4breakfast January 8, 2013
This is my first (so I'm buying everything). Total came to just about $100. Most of that cost was the transmitter (6ch, ~$28) and the shipping costs for the transmitter and battery from Hong Kong (from hobbyking.com ~$40). If you can avoid getting anything from Hong Kong, then it will all be much MUCH cheaper.
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Driveandairsmash October 12, 2013
I chose stuff from the following websites
Hobbypartz.com and that is it pretty cheap
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Bob Post November 8, 2013
I don't know if you got an answer yet but the foam board is 2 bucks and the hardware and electronics can be as little as 30 bucks plus your tx and rx. I have about 40 hours on one and I love it in all kinds of weather (except rain)
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Mirabile Visu November 2, 2012
Hooray, I've been waiting for this one. Nutball, FT Flyer, Delta, Baby Blender are all built. Keep up the great work, Flite Test is an inspiration.
Trevor (in England, where Foamboard costs much more!)
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MrClean November 12, 2012
Just getting ready to glue my fuse parts together and notice there is no reference as to where the notch on the back piece should be cut. Where does the back of the fuse stop at the front vertical notch? The fuse plans just show a C channel, no notch.

I'm going with the front of the Vertical tab but a quick plan correction would be nice.
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liveyourdreamsRC November 2, 2012
Awesome guys keep going with the swapables. They're great. Glad you finaly came out with a build video for this. Looking forward to maybe building this some time
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kimchi4breakfast December 9, 2012
I just finished building mine (first swapable AND first plane evah!!) Now, the electronics need to arrive (by the way, does anyone else think that the hobby king site is the WORST SITE ON THE PLANET??!?!?)

Quick notes about my build
-Took 4-5 hours! First of all, those plans don't have any measurements. Try figuring that out when some measurements are in centimeters and others are in inches
-Other than that, not too difficult. Taking the foam out of the grooves was harder than expected, but that will come with practice
-Beveling the control surfaces was harder than expected too. You really need a really really sharp blade.

See ya'll in the air soon!
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kimchi4breakfast December 9, 2012
Also, where are the designs for the control tab? The one you get laser cut and attach piano wire to?

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DaleVC November 4, 2012
Great Video! Just wondering what the difference in flight characteristics are between the kfm wing and this airfoiled version. Thanks!

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motoringmaniac November 2, 2012
Brilliant Idea on the zip tie control secures chad!
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eagle4 January 9, 2013
I'm looking at getting started on building this (my hardware is in the mail) I've noticed that there are no dimensions on the plans, also that the rear section of the fuselage doesnt have the notch cut out of it like in the video. Is this something that we can just wing? or can the plans get updated by someone who knows what they are doing (its my first scratchbuild, so i really dont know what i'm doing lol)
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tramsgar November 2, 2012
Finally!! I've really been waiting for this one. Thanks a lot!
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MrClean November 2, 2012
Just finishing up my Twin Twirl I think I'll build one of these next. In the video however, it shows you opening up the hole in the servo arm with a Xacto knife. Don't do that. Instead, chuck a spare piece of the wire that you intend to use that has been cut off into your drill and use that to drill the hole open to the exact size of the wire. No slop solution.
Also, a little whetstone can be bought for a buck to put the edge right back on your Xacto knife. Don't have to replace them so often that way.

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tramsgar November 3, 2012
Good tips! Thanks. It'd require some skills to sharpen a razor, though.
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MrClean November 3, 2012
its an easy skill, lost in a disposable age BUT it costs nothing and keeps paying back. If I weren't cheap I'd build my planes from Gold instead of Dollar foamboard.

Unfortunately they'd fly just as good!
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apache64 November 4, 2012
I built one and flew it today, boy is it twitchy!. I have now put 40% expo and dropped the pushrods up to second from top hole. It is now better but i know what it could be, but once i get used to flying it around. Thanks for a great video i love the shows, and alway check out your site for more new content, keep it coming!
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Skipp2Maloo March 19, 2013
Should I build in down thrust and right thrust into my power pod? I know the nutball called for some.
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mtperes April 3, 2013
Hey guys, I'm from Brazil I already built my Bloody wonder, and i'm plannig to buid a new one, but I still have some doubts about the foam that Josh uses in the video
I've built my first in pure 5 mm depron

but it is fragile

and i want to know if the foam in the video is coveres by paper on both sides
and if we need to peel of any of the sides during the build.
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mtperes April 4, 2013
I just bought a new sheet of depron now two side covered by paper, and I think it will make my plane too havy
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kah00na May 24, 2013
I just finished my FT Bloody Wonder tonight! It is my first plane! I can't wait till tomorrow to try it out!! Woohoo!
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liveyourdreamsRC November 2, 2012
Your piano wire link at the bottom here doesn't work for me. I don't know if it is just my computer or if it is an error in the article.
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shermanhartman November 3, 2013
Look for the piano wire on the website hobbylinc.com

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mumin79 April 18, 2013
My first coment so hallo to All :)
mtperes... i'm building my planes from deprom 4mm but i use PVC foil to coat it (outside).
First i was also thinking that it will make my plane havy. I 'm jast finishing to build my BBlender.
but in total it is now without battery ~390grams (including landing gear, servos, engine, reciver, and 20cm of thin aluminium pipe to make it more stable).
Foil that i chose is realy havy, so now I bought now some :
and this one is way thiner and way more light, so now i will coat my planes with this one :)
And using tape is for perfect for bending wings, without it depron brakes.

How i make it is easy. I cut out depron part, put foil on it and then with heat gun activating glue on foil, if You do it right then PVC is realy soft and melting with depron to one. Looks great because my foil is red, and it makes everything way more stable and wather prof.

Sory for my english, but i'm from Poland (living in Germany and working in Netherlands :) )

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coffeebean56 December 11, 2012
Chad, love the videos and the swappable series. However, I've noticed that what you show and what the plans show aren't always the same ie. the rear fuse doesn't show the step where it fits into the front part.
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kah00na May 24, 2013
I noticed that too. I finally just cut it out and guessed how much had to be cut out. I don't know if flitetest ever updates their plans but this would be a good addition.
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FarmStormer November 24, 2012
Hi flitetest
How big is the foam board that you use?

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kah00na May 24, 2013
The foam board at Dollar Tree is 20x30 inches.
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Carmatious April 12, 2013
A noobie question, do the Hobby King motors come with the motor mount and the other stuff that is required to mount the motor?
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kah00na May 24, 2013
Most of them do. Look at the extra pictures on the motor you're looking at. You can also try to look in the "files" section and see if someone posted a picture. Another thing you can do is post the question in the "Discussion" tab and someone should reply with an answer for you.
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hhins May 1, 2013
A couple quick questions before I build...

-- Has anyone tried using two aileron servos vs the center/single servo?

-- Does the lower half of the vertical stabilizer need to be so long, it will make adding some landing gear a bit more tricky as it'll need to be taller

-- Any flight videos with a blue-wonder/similar motor? I won't get my upgraded motor for a while.

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kah00na May 24, 2013
Sometimes the location of the servos have to do with weight distribution. If you move it back, you may have to make some adjustments to where you put your battery, ESC, and receiver.
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wga22 June 12, 2013
Another happy pilot! Thanks FT!
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joann69 June 26, 2013
I completed building my Bloody Wonder and she flew beautifully. She just soared and did loops and a couple of spirals. Thanks for the videos Josh and the FliteTest team. Please keep coming up with new plans for foamboard.
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andreasbe July 8, 2013
This is the 1st Foam board build I have done, my total build time was 5h, 3h consumed by cutting and measuring. the actual assembly was done in 2h and quite a pleasure.

Will post my Maiden flight as soon as it happens (August 2013).

Thanx for an awesome build.

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Carmatious July 21, 2013
What is used to hold the prop on the shaft? I recall them showing some rubber band that held it down, on crash the prop would give.
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blarbdude August 9, 2013
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cbarnes0061 August 27, 2013
Started building mine last night should have it ready for a maiden in the front yard tomorrow morning.
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joann69 August 4, 2013
I use a PropSaver on my motor shafts. I use either a 3mm or 3.17mm depending on the size of prop shaft you have on your motor. A rubber band is used to hold the prop on the PropSaver. I get mine from headsuphobby.com. The PropSaver and use of the rubber band makes it possible for the prop to move therefore giving the prop some protection in crashes.
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msh312b September 19, 2013
I love the PropSaver! I keep busting the Oring it comes with so I took some small hair rubber bands from my daughter, with her permission of course ;), they can be bought at $tree for $1. and you get like 500. Keep em' Flying! This Bloody Wonder is a blast to fly!!!
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Hell2Go October 15, 2013
I use an o-ring about 1 inch in diameter.... holds up better than rubber bands but still allows the prop to pivot and not break prop
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liveyourdreamsRC November 2, 2012
What prop are you using? It's green and the recommended one on altitude hobbies is grey. Is there a difference?
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Hell2Go October 21, 2013
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msh312b September 19, 2013
I have a green prop on mine also. it is a 9*4.7 and it fly's great!!
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Hell2Go October 21, 2013
use what is recomended for the motor which is mostly dependent on is kv rating
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liveyourdreamsRC October 21, 2013
Yeah... I get that now; I posted this almost a year ago! Wow, time flies!
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liveyourdreamsRC October 21, 2013
But thanks anyway!
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Hell2Go October 16, 2013
I'm building mine with elmers board for the vertical stabilizers as it is more durable than $tree foam... can't wait to maiden it...
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Hell2Go October 21, 2013
finally got to fly it! I used a grayson hobby disposable foamie motor combo for $19.99 that i had on an old foamie. i got the sport not the 3d motor. its a 2208-14 with 1450 kv with an8x4 prop and an 800mh lipo. flies great! power combo runs cool! had to add alot of weight in the nose (3 sinkers behind firewall in pod) to offset extra weight from the elmersboard vertical stablizers to get it balanced. I balanced it about 2-3 degrees nose heavy and flew it in moderate wind and noticed that going into the wind the tail wagged like a happy dog. don't know why, but I think that I'll try to iron the leading edges of the v. stablizers to a sharper edge to help itcut the air better. (any suggestion?) the plane flies nice with conservative throw on controls, I even had my son ,a slightly experienced beginner, fly it in that wind and he handle it well for about 2 minutes, then he got nervous and I took over as the wind was gusting up the the point that the plane was flying backwards ( about a 20mph gust) on my final approach. I landed it.
I might swap out the elmers foam for dollar tree foam on the stablizers to lighten up the rear and add a rudder servo. might just throw on a speed motor pod to balance it out with a big motor instead of dead weight and run it low on the stick and long on the battery.
overall its a great plane design.
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dgrc November 2, 2012
Just finishing up the nutball as my scratch build and learned a lot about building foamies.

With all your great swappable designs, it looks like this will be a winter of shuttling between my building table and Dollar Tree.

I'm an RC noob so hoping the nutball is as forgiving as advertised. The electronics are on order from Hobby King so stay tuned for a maiden crash report in a week or so.
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shermanhartman November 3, 2013
Nutball was my first plane. It's very forgiving, and tough. I loved it.
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jerimiah85 November 15, 2013
Have you been able to try the ft flyer? Was my first ft plane. You can say I learned on it. I have flown b4 but wasn't as good a pilot as I am now due to ft.
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dgrc November 17, 2013
More full-throttle, prop- breaking "landings" than I care to talk about.❇. Contemplating building a pusher to get the prop out of harm's way. Likely Experimental Airlines Axon.
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jerimiah85 November 17, 2013
I'll tell you what I built a specter v2 from Ibcrazy via fpv labs.com also there is a great write up on here just search it. Got it in the air and give the control to my older brother who has never flown and did I great. It's fast it's slow it's a pusher and the throws on the ailerons are gentle so it won't twist out of control lol. Here is a video of mine sport version with a micro jet v3 and 2200mah 3 cell from a few weeks ago. http://youtu.be/1EZEVbyuLqg
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dgrc November 18, 2013
Looks like a build I can handle. Does it fly OK with just rudder and elevators. I don't have enough thumbs or brains for ailerons yet. Can you recommend a motor and prop combo?

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jerimiah85 November 18, 2013
lol it is just bank and yank BUT i put my ailerons as my rudder stick. the ailerons are not big enuf to get you into trouble and that plane seems to self right its self more so then not. motor and esc, here are a few links keep in mind i have 2 versions one for crazy fast flying and one for fpv. fast flyer has 2200 kv on 6x4 prop 30 amp esc. second is 1200kv on 8x6 direct drive prop. the slow fly props work well too tho. here are some links. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__26487__Turnigy_DST_1200_Brushless_Bell_Motor_1200kv_USA_Warehouse_.html


on my fpv set up runs the 1050 kv on 8043 prop testing flight times. sub to my you tube ill be posting my fpv flights with both the 1050 and the 1200kv motors. im new at fpv and just go a great cheap system from hobbywireless.com http://hobbywireless.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=117_88_92&products_id=726
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dgrc November 19, 2013
Thanks for the great info. The build starts this weekend. I have a 1300kv salvaged from the nut ball wreckage. Just need a prop or three to complete the build ;-)
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jerimiah85 November 19, 2013
For sure dude. I keep fist full of props. Keep in mind the bigger the model the smoother they will fly. Small =fast in most cases. And the specter is the best plane I've ever flown or built. Have fun and if you have rates and expo play with theme to get the model smooth in flight
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DragonFord December 5, 2013
starting the build as i type
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woodworker30 December 14, 2013
I have built the ft duster, and am working on the baby blender. Built all but the fuselage of the ft cruiser. Am going to try the bloody wonder and the old fogey pretty soon. Enjoy all the swappable series. However, I am building and using individual power pods on each one. Motors and electronics are not that expensive. So I do not swap power pods. Much easier to use one on each plane.

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snowthief2 February 15, 2013
Can anyone get me tiled plans for the bloody wonder because my computer cant download the software. :(

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dharkless December 24, 2013
You can import to Adobe Reader XI and then use Banner function. It will print a large document in tiles.
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dharkless December 24, 2013
I have built one Bloody Wonder per the plans and then a second one with some modifications. I took the ailerons off the bottom of the wing and put them on the top. Based on the first build I added 3/8" to the trailing edge of the top first so the aileron joints are behind the trailing edge of the wing bottom. I also let the wings run the full width of the foam sheet so I have a 30" wingspan. I made the fuselage extension 10" long and tapered it down to 3/16" at the back. It stops 1/4" short of the elevator hinge. I also cut the back edges of the fuselage to match the angles on the power pod. I added a canopy at the joint between the front of the wing and the fuselage. It looks like a stealth fighter canopy and is made of just 3 pieces of foam board. The changes make the model a lot more streamlined and more like a fighter jet. If I build another I think I will extend the fuselage sides down to provide side cover for the battery.

I am waiting for gear to arrive to complete the build and good weather. I haven't flown for 15 years and always did nitro. I hope I didn't forget too much...
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dharkless December 31, 2013
I tried one more idea out... I made my control horns from a gift card. First cut into 6 equal squares. Then cut each square into two triangles. Then cut the 90 degree corner off leaving the bigger part 7/16 wide. Nip about 1/8" off the two 45 degree corners. Drill 3 holes to match your control wire. Glue them in the same as you would the plywood ones. Makes 12 out of one card. They allow almost 90 degree rotation and they are FREE.
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sheldonc January 8, 2014
Second, third, or whatever on this being the funnest plane ever! Got loads of foamy store-bought planes, this is way more fun, and hand built by me. Awesome plans and video Flite Test! Keep 'em coming. And the Gift Card Control Horns rule, though I cut grooves in the base that's going into the foam for the hot glue to grip. I wonder if anyone has added some support for the tail section? Extra foam layer back there, maybe in stringer-form? I added a couple barbeque skewers at a diagonal after a hard set down when doing some grass trimming at 3/4 throttle.
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Emeralaz52 January 20, 2014
When will the tiled plans be available? I don't really understand how you print tiled plans from full size.
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sheldonc January 22, 2014
When using Windows, when you click to print, the print window opens. About half way down there's Page Size etc. Should be a tab for Poster. Click that, and just below, make sure the scale is 100%, then make sure under that you have "show cut lines" clicked. Print and then trim/tape. Hope that helps.
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mikeymike1988 February 1, 2014
https://www.lazertoyz.com/mobile/home.asp?cat=7&#page-65 Just built mine. Was wondering if a 9x6 prop will work on this with the lazertoyz gt2215/09 motor

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kleo February 12, 2014
can it fly with the bluewander from lazer toys ?
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james40432 February 23, 2014
I am 11 and made 3days
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Twalker April 22, 2014
I want to say Thanks to all who has put in coments about this plant. It has helped me out alot.
One thing I'm running into is once the plant is in the air. running about half power or full power. the plant dives to left and I cant recover it. Any Ideas
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debay777 April 27, 2014
Hey guys, im running a motor thats just way to strong for this plane. my motor is angled probably 20 degrees or more down and it still climbs at WOT. I want to move down to a more tame power train. I like the price point on the grayson hobbies disposable motor combos. Will the 1450KV motor fly the BW with authority? I like snappy rolls and strong loops and I dont want to sacrifice those if I dont have to.
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RC Dad May 6, 2014
I have a Mac and cannot seem to print these out. Am running Adobe XI - I am choosing poster and print cut lines....the doc goes to the print que and just hangs there. Any help on how to print these tiles out would be greatly appreciated. Want to make 3 of these for combat with my two sons....
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tobyrice01 June 9, 2014
Building one now. Almost done!!! So far, it cost me about $5 in part and pieces.

Foam (new and reused): $2
Hot glue: $1
Reused servos and pushrods: $0
Clevis and Control horns: $2

I want to see if it will work with a 4s 3200mah LiPo, 45A ESC and this motor I have.....
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Abarton July 5, 2014
Just finished my BL scratch build tonight, can't wait until tomorrow for the first flight. I'm using a Turigy Plush 25A ESC, Turnigy 2822 -14 1450kv motor, 1800mah 3S battery, and 9X4.5 prop. Performing some pre-lim testing, the BL can easily pull out of my hand going vertical at about 3/4 throttle. Should be a blast to fly, could be competition for my ParkZone Corsair.
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glenby July 6, 2014
comments from a total noobie at this.
I bought speed build kit and used it as a stencil for local foam (australia).
Local foam is heavier and slightly wider. full 5mm so cut accordingly.

Yesterday after spending 7 hours or so builing one from scratch. I put the glue gun down for the day.
Today, I used the speedbuild kit and it took about an hour. better, neater, lighter and looks good.

Things I learnt on scratch build.
1. the subtle changes from BWv1 to BWv2 need writing on plans or in something.
I nipped the extended tabs off the rear bracing.
After nipping the tabs off, I followed the video where it says to the fuselage up with the wing join.
This is a bad mistake as the extended rear bracing is 1/2" longer. wings are further back. sigh.
2. Speed build is awesome in comparison to doing it yourself. (shipping to aus is a killer but buy a few kits to make it more cost effective).
3. josh makes it look way easy in scratch build. (practice on something other than your kit first).
cutting foam straight, and at 90degrees.
hot glue doesnt go on that easy except for my clothes and hands.
spider webs of glue are part of the game.
He uses larger glue sticks. I got a 7.2mm gun and you go through lots of sticks. get larger.
the supplied wire for landing gear is toughened and harder to bend than it looks.
4. Centre of gravity with speed build, 24g motor etc requires a heavy battery right at the front to get balance. I am using a 3s 2200mah purely for balance. I would rather smaller to slow the kite down but cannot unless I want it tail heavy.
5. I braced the tail fins with a small piece from the spare foam. They didnt seem strong enough.
6. If you are keen on neatness, bevel close and sand. or watch earlier builds where josh uses a metal rule to guide the blade.
7. the kit is good.

it's too windy here and I have to get some of the speed clevis' to finish, so hopefully a flight soon.

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orange picker September 25, 2014
can this safely be scaled down

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phacious September 26, 2014
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tlbrooks October 3, 2014
Just finishing up two of these. One has a 100 watt motor from HK the 2205-1350 kv for the night flyer. Figured I would be flying that fast at night. Putting led lights inside the wing. Has a controller to make the lights flash, run, change color, pretty cool.
The other one will have an HK 2826-1100 kvetch with 252 watts of power. Can't wait to get both of these up and flying.
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XXXTechRC October 13, 2014
SO MUCH FUN to fly!
This thing is a trip. I actually used the plans to scratch-build it, but I used the FunBat (thanks Mick's!!) fuselage for a non-swappable model. Because of the light weight and nice airfoil, it doesn't have any bad tendencies. Dial the rates and throws way down and it's practically a trainer!
Thanks again FliteTest for the miles of smiles!


Chris @ XXXTechRC
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cutterp July 22, 2014
Are these the V2 plans?
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gowen October 27, 2014
These are the V1 plans. If you check the fuselage it doesn't have the NACA duct. The V2 plans are linked at the bottom of the Review page : http://flitetest.com/articles/ft-bloody-wonder-v2-project
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sailorJohn February 28, 2015
A lot harder to scratch build than it looks, don't recommend it as a first build.
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don wood May 14, 2015
This was my first scratch build and I did not find it very difficult. It was certainly a lot of fun and am waiting for the maiden.

But Josh, you were kind of creepy when you peered through the hole for the servo. All you could see was your eye. Kind of freaked me out....

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