Avatar Gunship - Scratch Build by RCExplorer

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Posted: May 16, 2012  |  11,319 views

Avatar AT-99 “Scorpion” Gunship

By: David Windestål

First time I saw the bicopters in Avatar I knew I had to build one, some day. That day has now come. Together with Chad from flitetest we created our take on the dreamed up copter.

Brass tube bent for the dihedral of the motors

Carbon fiber tubes that will act like bushings for the rotating arms.

Square carbon tubes with a round inside diameter that perfectly fits on the carbon tubes.

I sawed of two small pieces and glued them to the base to act as stops and reduce the friction of the rotating carbon arms.

Servo horns mounted

Servos mounted along with the string that holds the arms together, preventing them from sliding apart.

Motor mounts.

Motor in place.

Plywood plate to mount the KK board.

HK-KK board flashed with the ”Power tower” software.

Prototype done. It hovers quite nice but pendulums when you pilot it incorrectly.

Changed to Hobbyking MI servos for better control.

Trimmed in and ready for the body. This is where Chad comes into the picture.

Shroud made from depron.

Cockpit made from dollar tree foam.

The body taking shape.

Body painted.

Attaching the electronics.

Shrouds in place

Lots of hotglue.

Tail fins in place. Not much left now.

Almost ready. Just need some guns. However I didn’t take any pictures after this point and you just have to watch the video to see more: